Stephan Panev is closing off a rather productive year. To celebrate that he also released a free track in December. You can listen and download from the player above. It’s techno – you have to share…


The second podcast comes from Promil, the artist responsible for the early hours of our latest events. Enjoy.


The label owner is in for the first podcast of our label. Lots of rolling and flashy techno that Stephan Panev is well known of.


Stephan Panev‘s upcoming album will be called “Night Shift Cases”. His last album, released back in 2009, “Where Do We Go From Here?” explored the more mellow and ambient side of his work. Now, five…


The third Afterparty Agenda is here. This one is a bit different – instead of being played on 4 channels in Traktor, what we have here is a back to basics approach – 2 decks….


Good days at KOMPONENTI HQ. We are currently looking for a space to host our next secret event. If you’ve been with us last October then you should know that we want to upscale things…


At last. The second Mood Unit release is now available in the Mood Unit‘s Bandcamp. Please do enjoy and make sure to like Females on Facebook. They need it, they collect the souls of the males who…

It appears that Stephan Panev is preparing his new LP. Almost five years after the release of “Where Do We Go From Here?“, his third album will be released in 2014. The title is still…


Recorded on the 7th hour of the afterparty. Music for the low. Due to some sound issues during the recording – the bass is a bit nonexistent – so push it up on your end.

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