KOMPONENTI Podcast 003 :: Stephan Panev

This is the third instalment of the KOMPONENTI Podcast. Please don’t do the easy –  end up thinking it’s another Mecca Mebelle – the Jam Roberts led show still awaits our current artist to go behind the decks there though the latest guest there is Bosha – the Prince of Svoge.

Speaking of troublemakers – this brings us to the artist behind the 70 minutes of sound euphoria we witness here – Stephan Panev.

Of course we would turn to our leader for episode three – the man behind the three lines, the sound & the vision that makes us proud to be called “the single true forward thinking Techno label on the Balkans” – KOMPONENTI.

Stephan Panev manages to present his trademark eclectic approach to Techno. The mix will take you places when it comes to dance music just in under 45 minutes. The rest is – to put it simply – an experimental final act.

This time around we have to thank Emiliya Vasileva for being the sole dancer while the mix was recorded on a Friday noon at home – the cut we provide here delivers the last 70 minutes of almost two hours long mix. Stephan Panev’s photo is by Snob while last here she has never been a least – Victoria Tomova – thank you for sharing your naked hand on the mix cover.