The next Beton is almost upon

Lately there’s more to look forward to in the local Techno scene than ever. Combined with the fact that we also have more people trully dedicated to the actual sound of Techno and where it might go next – things like the Beton events & podcasts show up around us.

Nothing makes us happier than a weekend to look forward to especially when the guest to appear is someone like Cinnamint (a frequent visitor back when we were still lucky to have the studio). A true music head with a delicate approach behind the decks always delivering a selection that keeps us concentrated while on the dancefloor.

Of course we will get to hear also Risto (a tall DJ that is not blond or a girl – you saw him last at Folllow), Phlp. & Linear Output.

Here’s one of our picks from the Cinnamint SoundCloud to improve your whole existence even more.

By the way – we also heard that it won’t take you much to also end up checking out Alexandar Kyosev & Anton Pau who will be close by in an intimate space.

Be the first to Folllow the weekend

We are happy to announce Folllow – a monthly event at Bar Switch dedicated to the early hours of the weekend. Unlike our KOMPONENTI events which are based around our own output – here we are looking forward to bring you a wide variety of artists..

Once a month the Folllow events provide you with an early weekend pass & the option to hear the first few tracks played in town.

Folllow is always free to attend – decision aiming to dismiss any preceding expectations or borders it might impose. As a result we have only the sound to folllow.

The first edition welcomes Risto & Snezhana – already establishing their names as selectors not afraid to step out of Techno.

Folllow :: Resident Advisor or Facebook