Amek022 :: Cyberian – Limerence


We are proud to present Cyberian‘s debut album Limerence (Amek Collective).

“Limerence” means to have a romantic attraction to a person or object so strong that it leads to obsessive thoughts & desire to form a relationship – basically what we felt after hearing the whole record.

A rather personal 65 minutes long walk through sound that capsulates the artist state of mind. With the exception of a few tracks most of the work on the album is done in two months – a combination of field recordings & modular synthesis.

In his own words (taken from an extensive interview on Black Rhino):

I just try to create spontaneous and ecstatic musical compositions utilizing field recorders, modular synthesizer and old-school software instruments. Most times I would aim for a particular vibe in a project and sometimes i would just make a patch on the synthesizer put a lot of random modulation and let the machine surprise me. Even if I’m doing something with a beat I will start with the music first, when the chords are right I’ll put the beat on.

Albums are meant to be heard in full – get Limerence both digital & on tape at the Amek Collective bandcamp store. Here’s one of our favourites on the record: