Free Download :: Total Departure (Stephan Panev Remix)

Stephan Panev has a frequent habit to make quick reworks of tracks that we know & sometimes love. Hence why we are launching our Download section with the first Illegal Mood Swinger (a selection of edits that tend to reverse the mood of the original).

While the original by Christian Smith & John Selway never really seems to actually departure – here we get a relentless arrival in hell instead.

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Stephan Panev meets Princess Nokia

Stephan Panev and Princess Nokia have one huge thing in common Рboth of them will never shy away from experimenting with different genres, projects or moods.Thus making it impossible to even imagine what could be the sound of an actual collaboration between them.

Now that we have the end result one thing is for sure – this manages to be both a typical Stephan Panev Techno production with a twist of a princess like Nokia. Enjoy.