SPK012 :: VARIABLES – Five Years of Noise

We are celebrating five years of noise with a selection of five audio emissions. Our main goal has always been to reach the DJs out there that will form the future of sound. In order to achieve that we challenge our artists to push themselves out of the box & to collaborate with each other.

This is the result of their work.


01 :: Prone – Third Contact
02 :: Kyo & Pan – bbT3454
03 :: Nelegat – Treatment (Live)
04 :: Qaseo – Contrivance
05 :: Advschche – No Guestlist Tonight

Release Date: 26-04-18. Get your copy here.

Free Download :: Total Departure (Stephan Panev Remix)

Stephan Panev has a frequent habit to make quick reworks of tracks that we know & sometimes love. Hence why we are launching our Download section with the first Illegal Mood Swinger (a selection of edits that tend to reverse the mood of the original).

While the original by Christian Smith & John Selway never really seems to actually departure – here we get a relentless arrival in hell instead.

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SPK011 :: Miranda K – Sinstylae

SPK011 welcomes Miranda K to the fold. “Sinstylae” represents a trip inside the artist’s rabbit hole of sound. “Laika Falling Apart” is an uneasy record that feels like its about to fall apart.

“It Will Take You Six Minutes” gives you six minutes of Techno before it goes further. The title track is a dirty & neverending groove monster to finish off the release.

As always – Stephan Panev has delivered a tool version that digs even deeper in the now established KOMPONENTI sound.


01 :: Miranda K – Laika Falling Apart
02 :: Miranda K – It Will Take You Six Minutes
03 :: Miranda K – It Will Take You Six Minutes (Stephan Panev Dub Tool)
04 :: Miranda K – Sinstylae

Release Date: 01-18. Get your copy here.

Stephan Panev – Afterparty Agenda 004

Quite some time has passed since the last Afterparty Agenda but that shouldn’t bother you while enjoying the moodiest one so far. While Stephan Panev is better known as a peak time Techno artist – the Afterparty Agenda collection embraces the eclectic selection found in his afterparty sets.

ps: This mix also includes a few tracks from the upcoming KOMPONENTI releases while the cover comes with our close friend Kristiyana.

The next Beton is almost upon

Lately there’s more to look forward to in the local Techno scene than ever. Combined with the fact that we also have more people trully dedicated to the actual sound of Techno and where it might go next – things like the Beton events & podcasts show up around us.

Nothing makes us happier than a weekend to look forward to especially when the guest to appear is someone like Cinnamint (a frequent visitor back when we were still lucky to have the studio). A true music head with a delicate approach behind the decks always delivering a selection that keeps us concentrated while on the dancefloor.

Of course we will get to hear also Risto (a tall DJ that is not blond or a girl – you saw him last at Folllow), Phlp. & Linear Output.

Here’s one of our picks from the Cinnamint SoundCloud to improve your whole existence even more.

By the way – we also heard that it won’t take you much to also end up checking out Alexandar Kyosev & Anton Pau who will be close by in an intimate space.

Be the first to Folllow the weekend

We are happy to announce Folllow – a monthly event at Bar Switch dedicated to the early hours of the weekend. Unlike our KOMPONENTI events which are based around our own output – here we are looking forward to bring you a wide variety of artists..

Once a month the Folllow events provide you with an early weekend pass & the option to hear the first few tracks played in town.

Folllow is always free to attend – decision aiming to dismiss any preceding expectations or borders it might impose. As a result we have only the sound to folllow.

The first edition welcomes Risto & Snezhana – already establishing their names as selectors not afraid to step out of Techno.

Folllow :: Resident Advisor or Facebook

Stephan Panev meets Princess Nokia

Stephan Panev and Princess Nokia have one huge thing in common – both of them will never shy away from experimenting with different genres, projects or moods.Thus making it impossible to even imagine what could be the sound of an actual collaboration between them.

Now that we have the end result one thing is for sure – this manages to be both a typical Stephan Panev Techno production with a twist of a princess like Nokia. Enjoy.

SPK010 :: Death Membrane – Kurzabruhu

Our next commercial suicide comes in the form of “Kurzabruhu” by Death Membrane.

We’ve already had the chance to experience the artist’s vision on Techno thanks to the devastating remix for SPKLP01R and it was simply a matter of time for more of the plague.

The two defying the human existence slices of audio here might save your soul once we reach the inevitable apocalypse of the mankind.

In order to deliver the full potential here we’ve also provided the expertise of Stephan Panev once it was time for the mix & master of both tracks.

Release Date: 10-17. Get your copy here.

SPK009 :: Martu – Triumph

A pack of four new parts from the KOMPONENTI jigsaw that keeps on transforming while being put together by everyone involved.

Martu gives us a rich selection of  tools for our DJ sets by simply combining three different moods supported by a kick drum, some hi-hats & plenty of low frequencies or as we like to call it – Techno.

The title track is a groovy but dark piece with a message.

Followed by a clear indication of the darkness hidden inside Miranda K – she has our full support to enslave the world.

“Contact” reminds us that we take Tool Techno seriously here. The closing number eases the pressure while constantly evolving the rather dreamy leading synth line.

Release Date: 11-16. Get your copy here.