SPK010 :: Death Membrane – Kurzabruhu

Our next commercial suicide comes in the form of “Kurzabruhu” by Death Membrane.

We’ve already had the chance to experience the artist’s vision on Techno thanks to the devastating remix for SPKLP01R and it was simply a matter of time for more of the plague.

The two defying the human existence slices of audio here might save your soul once we reach the inevitable apocalypse of the mankind.

In order to deliver the full potential here we’ve also provided the expertise of Stephan Panev once it was time for the mix & master of both tracks.

Release Date: 10-17. Get your copy here.

SPK009 :: Martu – Triumph

A pack of four new parts from the KOMPONENTI jigsaw that keeps on transforming while being put together by everyone involved.

Martu gives us a rich selection of  tools for our DJ sets by simply combining three different moods supported by a kick drum, some hi-hats & plenty of low frequencies or as we like to call it – Techno.

The title track is a groovy but dark piece with a message.

Followed by a clear indication of the darkness hidden inside Miranda K – she has our full support to enslave the world.

“Contact” reminds us that we take Tool Techno seriously here. The closing number eases the pressure while constantly evolving the rather dreamy leading synth line.

Release Date: 11-16. Get your copy here.

SPK008 :: Qaseo – Conveyor

We are proud to present you our eight release. Brought to you by Qaseo, “Conveyor” is a swift selection of driving techno essentials.

The title track opens up the release with some experimental sound scapes supported by a rolling bassline and drum section. Followed straight away by “QS113” – a minimalistic and bass heavy tool already proving as a DJ favourite.

The last piece “Dissimulate” is a stripped down disturbing excursion that never stops to develop.

Another Stephan Panev powerhouse remix also on the menu – we can already feel the pattern adopted by the label owner with  devastating results.

Release Date: 05-16. Get your copy here.

SPK007 :: The Restless Orchestra – Retreat

Embrace our seventh EP release – “Retreat”. Crafted in the cold hollow spaces of the Nothing Left Studio by The Restless Orchestra.

Relentless noise excursions based on short sound slices taken from field recorded noise from the outerspace.

You will also find dancefloor revisions of the originals by the label regular Prone who brings back the tool techno sound we should alway be known for.

The second remix comes from Miranda K – a melodic groovy number to wrap up SPK007.

Release Date: 05-16. Get your copy here.

SPK006 :: KANZ – Sea Of Uncertainty

SPK006 welcomes a new artist joining our team of sound providers – KANZ – artist obscured in mystery mostly because of his sporadic release practice.

Thanks to him though we get the chance to step outside the warm womb of sound we have built so far.

The two original works share nothing in common proving even further the cornerstone mentality of this release. But you will never really notice the huge distance between them.

The reason is simple – a long & face twisting remix which delivers the already  established “no prisoners techno” attitude of Stephan Panev’s heavier productions.

Release Date: 03-15. Get your copy here.

SPK005 :: Stephan Panev – Strobe Sequence I

Stephan Panev is currently way down the album recording rabbit hole. This is the main reason why the one responsible for our existence took his time to deliver KOMPONENTI bound work.

The so called “Strobe Sequence I” is obsessingly dancefloor hungry set of tools. The two original works have a bit of a bipolar approach between each other – both dedicated on the one light source every basement should have – a strobe light.

It’s also hard not to notice the nasty attitude found in basically every time Prone reworks something.

Release Date: 11-14. Get your copy here.

SPK004 :: Modeo – Nebt

SPK004 is here. Masterfully brought to life by Modeo, who is someone you should keep an eye out in 2013 and the years to come.

Industrial sounds and atmospheres layered on top of the hard hitting broken beats in the two originals.

“Nebt” being the title track is also the heaviest of the pack, while the Prone Rework comes with a straight 4/4 beat to make it right again – not in conventional way.

The last but not least, “Spine” – a razor sharp blade of noise – check yourself for wounds when convinient.

Release Date: 07-13. Get your copy here.

SPK003 :: Josef Gaard – Siren

SPK003 comes from Josef Gaard and packs 3 raw techno cuts for your dancefloor. The two original tracks represent Josef’s sound at his best – drone excursions with a uncompromising groove base .

‘Siren’ is an industrial walk in the dark corners of the music, a track that never really drops the pressure.

‘Diviner’ on the other end provides a different approach on top of a slow beat, exactly what you need to change the pace on the dancefloor.

The pack wouldn’t be complete without a Prone Rework, and Prone delivers – a stripped down but heavy hitting revision.

Release Date: 04-13. Get your copy here.

SPK002 :: Prone – Collector I

For the second release Prone delivers a defining collection showcasing his rather broad vision of Techno.

“Collapse” sets the mood for the whole experience thanks to the larger than life sound & a kick drum that steals the show.

Followed by “Hunted” – a relentless Techno tool ready to reap whenever unleashed.

The third mood swing comes in the form of “Butane” – the one you can count on when you end up on the right end of a warehouse party – the DJ booth.

Release Date: 03-13. Get your copy here.