SPK002 :: Prone – Collector I

For the second release Prone delivers a defining collection showcasing his rather broad vision of Techno.

“Collapse” sets the mood for the whole experience thanks to the larger than life sound & a kick drum that steals the show.

Followed by “Hunted” – a relentless Techno tool ready to reap whenever unleashed.

The third mood swing comes in the form of “Butane” – the one you can count on when you end up on the right end of a warehouse party – the DJ booth.

Release Date: 03-13. Get your copy here.

SPK001 :: Prone – Nomad – Eugene

SPK001 comes from Prone. Remember the name – we already have his next release in the works as well as a few remixes. The two slices of audio here should be considered as ground zero for the KOMPONENTI sound. In time you will know what we mean.

Stephan Panev firmly believes that one of the proudest moments in our history as mankind is the remix concept. Hence why we will always make sure to provide you with all kinds of revisions in our releases.

The first one is special because it is by a long time collaborator – Josef Gaard. We are proud to have him on board here.

Release Date: 01-13. Get your copy here.