SPK014 :: Hunnley – Soul Hunting

We are more than proud to welcome the debut release by Hunnley.

Stephan Panev has taken part of numerous collaborations for the last 15 years with this one being the most special of them all. Conceived together with his long time friend Denislav Velev (better known as Garo).

After more than 5 years of sharing the space behind the decks while performing some of the most memorable back 2 back sessions on our local scene, the duo took a step further in 2013 by launching the Hunnley project – an outlet that will bring together their different views on club music not just by performing together but also recording music as one.

Today, another 5 years are behind them and finally we have something to add to our selections. “Soul Hunting” is a rather diverse combination of three tracks from three completely different backgrounds.

“Three Days After” is your dancefloor weapon here. Appropriately named on the time of reaction Stephan usually takes after a long weekend. A low down & shifty DJ tool that will satisfy even the most dedicated KOMPONENTI followers. Recorded right in the middle of the empty dancefloor of Studio EW on a Monday night and played at the packed club the following Friday.

“Soul Hunting” is one of those tracks with history that will never be well known. Back in 2012 This Ain’t Music (Label / Find it on Bandcamp) was about to release a remix album based on Stephan Panev’s lowest selling LP to date – “Self” (released under his Define One project). What better way to introduce the Hunnley project but with a remix part of a whole album. Now years later that remix album is still not released but this cut has managed to get from “that” hard drive to our selections as DJs. Hence why the time has come to share it with you.

“M-Day 1-2” is still the working title of the project containing the track. We feel a great responsibility when it comes to the power of naming techno records but still this one has managed to slip in for a reason. It encapsulates the space Stephan & Denislav used to share back in 2016 – a small room / studio / afterparty spot with a flatmate legend called Rocky Pondev on the other side of the wall . Exported as a demo on the second day – released today – three years later as it was – as it will forever be.

What’s not to like?


01 :: Hunnley – Three Days After
02 :: Hunnley – Soul Hunting
03 :: Hunnley – M-Day 1-2

Release Date: 18-02-19. Get your copy here.