SPK015 :: J-Lost – Worship Your Goddess

Year 3033 sounds like the KOMPONENTI release number 15.

Shaping the future might be a hard task for the majority of the human material out there but when it comes to Techno – we have already established our name for it.

What better way to begin the new year with the introduction of our next artist – J-Lost.

Cutting her teeth & collecting noise for the last 10 years with a strong background in Drum & Bass, Industrial & Hard-Techno – she has become one of the respected Techno ambassadors on our local scene.

The time has finally come to embrace her own input on the matter.

The release opens up with “Worship Your Goddess” – a properly titled piece of industrial galore here that comes with an important twist for the third act of the show. Rolling kicks, lots of distorted defying everything noises all brought together by one of the few vocal lines we have on our label at all.

Introducing someone as important as J-Lost has provoked our leader – Stephan Panev both on an emotional level as well as a challenge in Techno. A challenge to never disappoint his biggest supporter since day one to sculpture another one of those 10 minute long dancefloor slashers he has always been well known (check out SPK008 & SPK006 for further reference). One thing is for sure – the DJ inside you already wants to play this number to the unsuspecting but well warmed up raver.

The release concludes with “Wanker” – the first production that J-Lost decides to export in order to be able to play it in a mix. We ended up playing it in our headquarters and we instantly knew – here’s one of those unapologetic life wrecking records that we would always look to release as a closing piece in every other KOMPONENTI release (DJ tip: shall go well with something by Advschche or Death Membrane). J-Lost takes her time to unravel the plot here in such a “take it or leave it” way that brings us back to the years she spent in sound before even considering Ableton Live as a communication device. If you want to keep faith in humanity – don’t listen to this.

Written & Produced by J-Lost / Julie Milkova
Track 2 remixed by: Stephan Panev

Cover photo: Zlatimir Arakliev
Cover model: Trayana Koleva


01 :: J-Lost – Worship Your Goddess
02 :: J-Lost – Wanker (Stephan Panev Remix)
03 :: J-Lost – Wanker

Release Date: 03-02-20. Get your copy here.