Year 2020 began at last. At last because we have spent the last two years in preparation for the things to come this year & further. While we look forward to maintain a steady release flow on the label with the next 5 releases all ready & planned – this is not the subject of matter here.

In the next 365 days we are looking forward to finalise & officially launch two new platforms – KOMPONENTI Artists & Radio KOMPONENTI.

With KOMPONENTI Artists we will give you access to the DJs out there that we believe to shape the future of Techno & Beyond. We will give promoters & clubs the opportunity to contact & book for a gig a carefully selected list of acts including names that are not part of the label’s own roster. 

Radio KOMPONENTI is our most adventurous step in sound. We would like to create both a rich in music genres radio program and a selection of podcasts by different DJs & trend setters that will mark their position & understanding of the things to come in music in general. 

We begin this journey on 15th of February in the form of a KOMPONENTI Showcase at Micro. There we will present the first two names in KOMPONENTI Artists – J-Lost & Linear Output. Of course it is out of question that Stephan Panev will provide the support.

Come, dance & always remember to hydrate & follow the noise.